Atrium Carpark


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the carpark?

You will receive a PIN Code on your booking confirmation email, and by SMS text message. This code needs to be entered into the Pin pad at the entry and exit of the carpark. Simply enter the code, and the barrier will go up.

Do I need to park in a special area?

You booking allows you to park in any Public Spaces at Atrium Carpark. These could be after the Level 7 Public Area Signage or through the Control Point on Level 11. Please do not park in any lease-hold reserved bays before Level 7 as your vehicle may be clamped or towed.

What happens if there are no public spaces before Level 11?

The Level 11 Control Point is only required for carpark products ONLY available in this area. There is no reason to use your code unless your product requires you to do so at the Control Point.

Can I change or edit my booking?

If you wish to change or edit your booking, then you can simply cancel your booking prior to 24hrs from the start of your booking time, followed by creating a new booking for the desired time. You will receive a full refund ( less any non-refundable items ). If you have any special requirements then please contact the parking team on site for assistance.

Can I extend my booking once I have entered the in the car park?

No, you are not able to extend your booking once you have entered the carpark but don’t worry, your code will still work when you leave the carpark.

What happens if I exit the car park after the time I have booked to?

Your code will still work when you leave, even a long time after your booked period has ended. Just note that depending on how much extra you have stayed, your credit card may be recharged with any assoicated additional fees. Any additional charges would be the same as if you had initially selected that time period when booking without penalty.

Is it possible to cancel a booking and get a refund?

Yes, prior to 24hrs from your booked entry time you can cancel your booking by logining into your account, you will receive a full refund less any non refundable items.

What do I do if the barrier arm does not open when I arrive at the car park?

Check that you have entered your code correctly, including all 6 numbers. If the arm still does not raise then check you are trying to enter the correct area or zone, and that the booked period is valid. If the arm still does not raise then simply use intercom button at the ticket unit to contact the onsite staff.

Why are some areas or products not able to be selected?

All parking or add-on products are subject to availability, therefore something might not be selectable due to occupancy, or your duration of stay might be outside of the rules associated with that parking product. Earlybird is not currently available for online booking.

How do I know if my booking has been accepted?

You will firstly see the confirmation page on the website, this confirms your booking is has been accepted. You will also then receive two emails, one with your booking confirmation and instructions for your stay and another with a tax Invoice / Receipt, In addition you may also receive a text message to your mobile phone.

What do I do if the barrier arm does not open when I exit the car park?

Check that you have entered your code correctly, including all 6 numbers. If the arm still does not raise then check that the code you are entering is the correct code, and not one from a past booking. If the arm still does not raise then please use the intercom button to contact the onsite staff.

Where can I send my feedback?

Your feedback is appreciated, we strive to provide great service and your feedback helps us ensure that service is a good as possible, so please email feedback to

What do I need to bring with me to the car park?

To use the carpark, you just need your Pin code, so please either bring your booking confirmation, or you can refer to the text message which also has the Pin code on it.

What carpark options are avaialabe?

Parking options have been designed to accomodate both the day and time you select for your stay. Please note that some products may allow multipe entry and exit which may better suit your requirements while others are speficially for 1 use only or limited to parking above the Level 11 Control Point.

I have forgotten my PIN code, what do I do now?

Please check your email or text message for the booking confirmation, or login to your account online to review your booking details. If you are still stuck, please contact the Staff onsite at Level 5 and they be will be able to assist you.

How can I obtain a copy of my receipt?

You can login to the booking system and check your past and present bookings, each booking you make is listed and includes a copy of your Booking Confirmation and relevent Tax Invoice / Receipt.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

Yes, each booking has a small fee, this is to cover the cost of the electronic transaction service. It is included in the total you pay as an "Electronic Transaction Fee".

What if the car park is full when I arrive?

Your booking will still be allowed to enter, the system has been programmed to ensure you can still use the carpark and there is a space for you.

How do i use the carpark Control Point on Level 11?

There is no barrier arms at the Level 11 Control point, but you must still use the unit to enter your Pin code including all 6 numbers. If you are unsure that your code is correct here, just contact the onsite staff at Level 5 for a confirmation.

How many times can I Enter and Exit the carpark for one booking?

Some parking products may allow multiple use of the carpark, please confirm that you have selected the desired product when making your booking.

Can I enter the car park earlier than my booked entry time?

Your code will work for a few minutes prior to your booked entry time. So if you arrive slightly early it will let you in, however this is only a few minutes so please make sure you book an earlier entry time if you think you will arrive earlier to avoid being held up at the barrier.

How do I know my details are secure?

We only hold basic information that we need to operate the system efficiently, no credit card data is stored by us at all. The booking site is SSL certified and for more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

Do I get a designated Parking bay?

No, you can park in any Public carpark bay, as per your booking. The booking does reserve a space for you however this space could be anywhere.

What should I do if I don't receive my booking confirmation via email?

Please check your Junk folder, along with your email address is correct by selecting the “My Account” option on the top toolbar. By selecting “My Bookings” you can also bring up your booking confirmation and receipt details.

What payment methods can I use to book online?

You can pay using any major credit card via our Payment Express payment page including Visa, Mastercard & AMEX. Other payment methods are currently not available.

What happens if i leave the carpark without my Pin code?

If for some reason, you have left the carpark without using your Pin code, please contact the staff to check your booking as you could incur additional charges.